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Experimenting with DAMON/DAMOS for the desktop?

So, the Linux kernel has this thing called DAMON [1] for "light-weight data access monitoring". Basically it adds some interesting features to Linux we haven't had before, including proactive reclaim and some administrator control over lru sorting. I gather it was originally created mostly for datacenters, but as the focus is eliminating stalls I feel like there is some potential to be useful in the linux desktop where interactivity is important. The aur package for damo (user space tool) is

As of right now, there doesn't appear to be any mention of DAMON on the wiki, let alone a page describing potential configurations, and I didn't find anything searching the forums, so I want to start an exploratory discussion here. Has anyone tried DAMON in a desktop setting (or at all)? Was it helpful? Any ideas what might be good configs for the desktop or for various (esp. memory intensive) workloads?



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