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#1 2023-09-16 00:09:01

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Dolphin: Dragging Item does not invoke scrolling

Dragging an item (like an image or any file) from one location (as in having a tab opened. copying an image from a browser, cuting/pasting, etc) in the Dolphin file manager doesn't invoke the manager to scroll to the item's new position (like refreshing). Instead the manager simply stays and I have to F5 with the selector on the item to get it to scroll down to the item.

I have been able to see this behavior work correctly on a virtual machine but on two physical computers, it has installed this way.

Not using Plasma, just the file manager (it comes with all the libraries it needs) on a simple window manager.

Tried resetting file manager on both physical machines by deleting dolphinrc and the appropiate folder in .share. It has installed like this on every installation i've done. Does anyone know anything? Minor, but possible bug?


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