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#1 2023-09-18 14:56:17

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Cinnamon Window List Application Window Grouping

Hi, I'm having an issue where my Cinnamon Window List is not grouping windows by application although I have that set as true.

I have some pinned apps that, at some point, open a new window that is not grouped with pinned app.  Interestingly it appears to only happen to the web browsers and web apps such as Brave & Chromium + any pinned apps. 

Perhaps this is occurring when the browsers are updated. 

When this happens the originally-opened, pinned app is no longer considered an open window but, instead, the previously opened window is 'transferred' to a new window that not grouped with it's 'sibling' app.  So I view this as two issues -- 1)  The 'transfer' of my window to a new window creating 'duplicate' window icons and 2) Not grouping them when this occurs.

I've been using cinnamon for a long time and this seems to be a new issue to me.

Anybody else also having this issue?



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