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Cantara Song Presentation Software


Since many years, I use Arch Linux to develop the open source software Cantara written in Lazarus/Free Pascal.

About the Project:
Cantara Song is a song presentation software which can be used for presenting songs mainly in churches, small groups or karaoke parties. It supports various input formats and can create beautiful presentation slides or export the presentation to various output formats (pictures, pptx, WhatsApp message and a lot more) so that they can be used for a variety of purposes.

- fast and leightweight, easy to use
- multi-screen-support
- pptx export
- very simple song import format
- editor
- CCLI songselect format is supported

License: GPL3

More information under and on the Github project page. Cantara is available in the AUR as cantara and cantara-bin (compiled for Qt5) and also on Snap and Flatpak.

Plans for the Future
- Display chords
- Display music scores via Lilypond

Feel free to test the software out and submit any kind of feedback.

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