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[SOLVED] Guilty Gear Strive Network Online matches don't work

I am unsure where to post this as I never found an answer in the wikis, forums, reddit or other sources until someone posted in the protondb game recently:

Guilty Gear Strive works through steam (by using proton). Everything works as in Windows, but whenever matching online with another player, the match would not proceed, I would just get stuck when both players agreed to play. No error message of any kind, the game would be stuck and canceling the match is the only option to get out.

Turns out, Arch needs to have installed the ntp package and it needs to be up and running before launching. Posting here as it is probably only affecting Arch as this distro encourages only to install minimum set of packages and this is a dependency on a translation layer that will never be documented (wine through proton to translate GG Strive).

Hopefully it can be searchable and help someone else.




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Re: [SOLVED] Guilty Gear Strive Network Online matches don't work

You don't know how much I love you, random stranger on the internet. I have tried to debug the issue for months. I guess the rollback code needs the clocks to be synced and not only get the timings from pings, which is a bummer.


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Re: [SOLVED] Guilty Gear Strive Network Online matches don't work

It's generally a good idea to have an accurate clock for a whole bunch of different usecases. You don't strictly need ntp, you can also enable systemd-timesyncd


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