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#1 2007-01-19 10:08:10

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remastering install CD

I'm having trouble mounting the initrd.img from the new 0.8 CD.

Using the 0.7 CD I could:
gunzip initrd.img -> initrd.img
mount -o loop initrd.img /initededit
-- change files
umount /initrdedit
gzip initrd.img -> initrd.img

With the new CD I still can unzip the file, but mounting is not possible. I tried different filesystems. ramfs and tmpfs didn't show any errors, but also no files.

what format is the new initrd.img and how can I modify it.


#2 2007-01-19 18:30:20

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Re: remastering install CD

It's .cpio.gz, so you can't mount it, just unpack it. It's probably described in the wiki somewhere (mkinitcpio?). Inspecting it in mc is easy - just rename it to blah.cpio.gz, then you can enter it with the return key.


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