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pkgctl: how to detect testing vs core version ?


I have a question regarding pkgctl: how can one find if the last tag is meant for the testing repo or not ? A typical example is with the linux package. Right now, core-testing is on 6.6.arch1-1 version whereas core is on 6.5.9.arch2-1. When cloning the repo with pkgctl, how can I know that the last tag is for testing or not ?


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Re: pkgctl: how to detect testing vs core version ?

There's probably a much nicer way to do this, but this works for me.

Go to the arch page for the package of interest:
grab the exact version of the package, in this case "6.5.9.arch2-1"

pkgctl repo clone --protocol=https --switch="6.5.9.arch2-1" linux
to switch to the version you want


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Re: pkgctl: how to detect testing vs core version ?

core, extra , multilib and their -testing counterparts are for binaries, not for PKGBUILDs .

You get the latest version in the default branch of the repository you clone .

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