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#1 2023-11-06 15:36:18

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No wlan0 interface on Intel MacBook Pro

I've been trying to get Arch working on a 2016 Touch Bar MacBook Pro and I have run into problems with wireless.


My system seems to mysteriously lack a `wlan0` network interface, or any network interface besides `lo` (according to `ip link`). Naturally this means I can't connect any Wi-Fi networks or even scan for networks.

--Background & Info:

lspci -k confirms that this device is using a BCM43602 chipset network controller and that two kernel drivers are in use: `brcmfmac` and `wl`. I also modprobed `brcmfmac` and `broadcom-wl`.  I have the `broadcom-wl-dkms` package installed.

uname -r returns `6.1.61-1-lts` (yes, I do have `linux-lts-headers` installed). 

I am using NetworkManager.

Not really sure what other information is needed here, so let me know if you need any more info. I also have temporary internet access w/ Android tethering.

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Re: No wlan0 interface on Intel MacBook Pro

Since you didn't mention it: did you read also the wiki pages here about mac ?
rushing over it, there is a chapter about Wi-Fi and a link to more Broadcom relevant tips.


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Re: No wlan0 interface on Intel MacBook Pro

two kernel drivers are in use: `brcmfmac` and `wl`

That's not a thing. Only one can operate the device.

Broadcom wifi sucks in a thousand different ways, we'll need some data to figure why it sucks for you.

sudo journalctl -b > /tmp/journal.txt

and usb-walk that file to system where you can upload it.
Or, if possible, use


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