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Heavily distorted sound when resuming

Hi all,

I have a new ThinkPad X1 11th gen laptop, with an i7-1370P vPro. Things are working fine, but I have an issue with sound being distorted when resuming. Specifically, the sound is as if everything was playing about 3 times as slow (eyeballing it). Everything is very low-pitched and distorted. Interestingly, when this bug occurs, it also affects video playback, which is then just as slow.

To make the issue go away temporarily, I can use pavucontrol to change the sof-hda-dsp settings. The available options there are "Play HiFi quality Music", "Pro Audio", and "Off". It does not even matter what I change it too, just changing it is enough to make everything normal. And if I then change it back to the original setting, things continue to be normal (that is, until the bug is re-triggered by the next wakeup from suspend-to-ram).

My audio setup is using pipewire, with pipewire-pulse and wireplumber. I'm not too experienced with debugging either of these, so I'ld be happy if you could give me some pointers on how to fix this. A cursory glance of their journalctl outputs does not reveal anything out of the ordinary, and neither does the dmesg output.

Do you have any more ideas how I can debug this? Is this perhaps already known??


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