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Easytag Question Concerning Renaming of Directories

I've spent the last day tagging and renaming my music on my computer which seems to be about 8000 songs. I've really loved Easytag and its ability to fill int ags based on file names and rename files and so forth. The only thing that frustrates me at this point is that it does not seem possible to rename multiple folders at once.

For instance I have it setup  so that the structure looks like ~/music/[band]/[album]

Even if I couldn't mass rename every album folder at once (Seeing as how they are all subdirectories of diferent folders fo the individual bands) I would atleast like to be able to rename all of the folders of one artist at a time if possible.

However, poking through the easytag menues and dialogs and googling leads me to believe that this connat be done or I am very stupid and the only person who has ever needed help doing this. haha. Possible?


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