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Development workflow for initramfs hooks


I've been setting up several new systems lately with zfs, and have found that the existing AUR packages have some shortcomings. I've been modifying the PKGBUILDs, but would also like to make some of my own initramfs runtime hooks. I found mkinitcpio(8), which has a section on runtime hooks; however, it doesn't provide information on how to develop hooks. I'm wondering what the development and verification process is for the hooks used in Arch releases is, as I may want to try replicating the setup. Currently, I'm thinking to try building images and then booting them using QEMU+KVM, but I'm curious to know what method is used by the maintainers. Eventually, I may try to fully automate this process so that I can perform a type of 'sanity check' on every new init image before deploying it.


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