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From: Grimma | Germany
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kwumsy K3 touchscreen keyboard

I have a problem with my new keyboard, or rather the touchscreen. At first glance, the device works wonderfully, but unfortunately I cannot assign the touchscreen to the screen on the keyboard as intended. The problem starts with the fact that the keyboard with the screen is not always attached to the system. As I also want to use this for my notebook. Unfortunately, this means that fixed mapping via the X11 config is not possible.

I have already created the command for the assignment and it also works manually.

xinput --list | grep BJYP-K3 | cut -d '=' -f 2 | cut -f 1 | xargs -i xinput --map-to-output {} HDMI-0

Unfortunately, I have not managed to automate the assignment on my system with Cinnamon and lightdm.

Bus 003 Device 007: ID 28e9:028a GDMicroelectronics BJYP-K3-V1.06
Device Descriptor:
  bLength                18
  bDescriptorType         1
  bcdUSB               1.10
  bDeviceClass            0 [unknown]
  bDeviceSubClass         0 [unknown]
  bDeviceProtocol         0 
  bMaxPacketSize0         8
  idVendor           0x28e9 GDMicroelectronics
  idProduct          0x028a BJYP-K3-V1.06
  bcdDevice            1.13
  iManufacturer           1 BJYP-K3 Device
  iProduct                2 BJYP-K3-V1.06
  iSerial                 3 GD32F1X0-V3.0.0-4b5c6de
  bNumConfigurations      1
  Configuration Descriptor:
    bLength                 9
    bDescriptorType         2
    wTotalLength       0x0069
    bNumInterfaces          1
    bConfigurationValue     1
    iConfiguration          0 
    bmAttributes         0x80
      (Bus Powered)
    MaxPower              200mA
    Interface Descriptor:
      bLength                 9
      bDescriptorType         4
      bInterfaceNumber        0
      bAlternateSetting       0
      bNumEndpoints           1
      bInterfaceClass         3 Human Interface Device
      bInterfaceSubClass      0 [unknown]
      bInterfaceProtocol      0 
      iInterface              0 
        HID Device Descriptor:
          bLength                 9
          bDescriptorType        33
          bcdHID               1.10
          bCountryCode            0 Not supported
          bNumDescriptors         1
          bDescriptorType        34 Report
          wDescriptorLength     216
          Report Descriptors: 
            ** UNAVAILABLE **
      Endpoint Descriptor:
        bLength                 7
        bDescriptorType         5
        bEndpointAddress     0x81  EP 1 IN
        bmAttributes            3
          Transfer Type            Interrupt
          Synch Type               None
          Usage Type               Data
        wMaxPacketSize     0x0040  1x 64 bytes
        bInterval               1
Device Status:     0x0000
  (Bus Powered)

my udev rule did not work...

SUBSYSTEM=="usb",ATTRS{idVendor}=="28e9",ATTRS{idProduct}=="028a",ACTION=="add", RUN+="xinput --list | grep BJYP-K3 | cut -d '=' -f 2 | cut -f 1 | xargs -L1 xinput --map-to-output {} HDMI-0"

and I had no luck with ~/.xinitrc and ~/.xsession.

I would be very grateful for any suggestions


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