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question about GitLab, ArchLinux SSO, and 2FA [SOLVED]

While logging into the new GitLab bug tracker, I realized that I had two simultaneous 2FA enabled. One for the ArchLinux SSO login and then a second one for GitLab? I went into the GitLab settings and disabled 2FA for that account since having to enter two 2FA codes is a bit much for me. Now my question is thus: is this normal or intended? And is there any reason why I shouldn't disable the 2FA for GitLab?

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Re: question about GitLab, ArchLinux SSO, and 2FA [SOLVED]

The 2FA setting in GitLab is there only because there's no option to disable it.
That issue is listed in … /issues/11, so disabling it is something Arch wants.


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Re: question about GitLab, ArchLinux SSO, and 2FA [SOLVED]


it's strange because I can sign in to or without 2FA. When I try to sign in to, I am forced to do so with 2FA. The first time it worked, but now it always fails with "Invalid authentication code".


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