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Does anyone use userspace suspend?

Found the package "suspend" in AUR and decided to try it out. The suspend part works (or at least I think it does) except that it doesn't resume (performs a full reboot instead). Anyone use this and know a proper way to install/configure it?

Some may know it as s2ram/s2disk


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Re: Does anyone use userspace suspend?


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Re: Does anyone use userspace suspend?

That wiki article is not related to your problem: it concerns mostly suspend2 and partly suspend1, while you are asking about ususpend, also called suspend3. Well, the main problem with arch is that it is actually unsupported from the initrd point of view.

However, I have been trying long to have it working without initrd, but I gave up. The utilities provided by the package are completely unable to do the routine required by the 99% of linux machines to suspend and resume properly (restarting services, loading and unloading modules). Your best opportunity consists in resorting to the hibernate-script, which actually supports also the ususpend method; through it, you can do what ususpend is actually unable to do.
I admit that I do not see any reason to choose an unsupported, clumsy, bad-distributed system as ususpend over suspend2 (or even suspend1).

About s2ram, it can also work, if you are very lucky, that is if your laptop is included in their restricted database of known machines or can suspend and resume properly without any loading/unloading of modules and such. I think that the approach is mistaken: there are dozens and dozens of laptops with slightly different hardware configurations and trying to maintain a database of the hacks required to suspend properly for any of them is an impossible effort. Again, the only versatile, proficient way of suspending to ram is the hibernate-script, which lets the user configure the specific hacks required by his laptop.

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Re: Does anyone use userspace suspend?

As always, i run powersaved as a daemon, and it works great as long as you unload all modules at suspend ("", that is empty string in /etc/poversave/sleep) and reload maybe alsa and network. It works on all of my three machines. The command to suspend is "poversave -u", and you need to be a member of the power group.

When i ran frugalware a while back, (they haven't got powersave in their repos) i just made a script to unload ndiswrapper (naughty little module), bring network down and then suspend by;

echo -n "mem" > /sys/power/state

after which i loaded ndiswrapper and brought network up, all in the same file, since it is continued after resume smile

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