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#1 2007-01-24 16:21:19

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which pkg/category is it worth to build from source ?

Hi Archers,

I have no plan to build my whole system from source otherwise I would be running Gentoo or similar. However, I'm using my machine in the evening or during the week-ends only so I have plenty of time for "you're wasting-your-time" stuff.

So I was wondering which package or categories are the most likely to benefit from being built from source...

Basically, the only "tweaks" I would apply would be :

export CFLAGS="-march=prescott -O2 -pipe -fomit-frame-pointer"

instead of the more generic default setting and

export MAKEFLAGS="-j3"

as I have a core duo.

So what are your advices ? base category ? kernel ? multimedia apps ? web browser ? frozen bubble ? eject ?

Thanks in advance for your replies.


#2 2007-01-27 15:26:50

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Re: which pkg/category is it worth to build from source ?

Firefox, optimizing shaves a few seconds off of startup time.

That's about it.  You can do the kernel also if you want to, it takes a long time. 

Actually, if you are in the waste-time zone, try editing mkinitcpio.conf, rc.conf, and others and just remove things you do not need to start up.  This cuts more off than any compiling you can do.  make sure, however, that you back up everything or suddenly you have an unbootable system.

Good luck. smile


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