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Anyone successful with plasma 6 and Nvidia with Wayland?

I tried it a while ago.i had system settings bug. I downgrade to plasma I heard the bug is fixed so I tried it works but I noticed 2 bugs.these 2 bugs are just in Wayland and not x11.
First: the monitor that is plugged into Nvidia GPU doesn't refresh screen correctly. It refresh but it looks like something like a big screen tearing and I can't see anything in that monitor.
Second:the cursor didn't show up in the other monitor but it's there and you can work but the icon of cursor didn't show up.
When I opened x11 version there were no bugs.
It's good to tell that I have this 2 problems in other desktop environments and windows managers except plasma 5 and gnome. For example in sway and hyprland .

Did you notice any bug in plasma 6 Wayland version with Nvidia?
If not what are your configuration ?


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Re: Anyone successful with plasma 6 and Nvidia with Wayland?

Mod note: moving to testing.

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