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#1 2007-01-26 00:31:16

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Remastering Voodoo 0.8 install CD with mkbootcd

I've spend the last couple of days on trying to remaster the 0.8 installation CD...however, I can't find a way to add (and replace) files to the initrd.img with mkbootcd. :cry:

I started out with 0.7.2 and modified the initrd.img as a mounted loopback system - no problems. After some research I figured out that the image in 0.8 now is a cpio image. So the following should do the job:

mv initrd.img initrd.img.gz
gunzip initrd.img.gz
cpio -idv < initrd.img

with this command the archive gets extracted directly in / since the files in the archive apparently are with absolute filenames. Adding --no-absolute-filenames solves that issue, but under the extracting I get a lot of "newer version or version with same age already exists" (translated to English) errors on a few files, the same files over and over again. But apparently the files are extracted correctly. When I then create the image again and copy it back onto the CD, it won't accept it, and gives me a kernel error on boot. Any suggestions???

Then suddently, I found out about mkbootcd by tpowa, which I thought was a easy solution...but after many hours, I've still not been able to add files to the initrd-image :shock:  Adding my own package repository to the CD was easily done by modifying the mkbootcd script to also include my own files in the tempdir. Same approach on the initrd didn't work, neither did several approaches to add my files to the mkinitcpio filelist....and now I'm out of ideas...

I just had a look at the French Arch linux installer at … t=mkbootcd

And it seems like he did it in a much cleaner way - by creating a new hook called "arch-base-install-fr"....but how do I create this??? A link to some documentation about this would be greatly appreciated  smile ...and of course any other hints or comments that can help me create the CD...

Thank you..


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Re: Remastering Voodoo 0.8 install CD with mkbootcd

you need archboot, then you can write your own HOOKS and INSTALL files for initcpio. Just look at the /lib/initcpio/install/arch-* files for examples.
/etc/archboot/install.conf is parsed for the HOOKS that should be used, modify it to your needs


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