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Using Steam Link where the host's display is off

I have an issue where Steam Link fails to render an image if the display to my gaming PC is off.  Obviously if I'm playing remotely, I don't need my display on, so I was wondering what I could do to force render the display with the screen off.

I tried using the xorg dummy driver, which works but without any hardware acceleration.  I don't necessarily want to depend on any X11-specific solutions if possible.  I'm currently not using Wayland but there is a good chance I will switch to that in the near future.
My GPU is old enough to have DVI ports, where I could do the VGA hack (where you bridge some pins with resistors to trick it into thinking there's a monitor connected) but this is also just a temporary solution since I plan to upgrade my GPU this year.

I'm running Cinnamon, if that makes a difference (I'm not committed to using Cinnamon).

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