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tilp (TI-Linking Program)

Hello, I am really sorry to post this post, but I don't really have the responsibility to maintain an aur Package. A contributer on the tilp project just got me a script for installing the experimental2 branch, which is the only one to support the newest ti-nspire models (cx ii). Could someone please update the tilp-git aur or make a new one where this script is used? thanks in advance! … 717610/raw

i can confirm that it worked for me atleast!

but adriweb said that he will be merging the branches soon


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Re: tilp (TI-Linking Program)

That script is pretty much gibberish - there's no reason to use that.  Just update the PKGBUILD as needed.  You do not need to be a maintainer of the AUR package to modify your own PKGBUILD.

Note there is also a tilp-git package already in the AUR which would likely include what you need already (or at most you'd need to adjust the source url to check out the "experimental2" branch).

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Re: tilp (TI-Linking Program)

Do not, under any circumstances, use that script in a PKGBUILD.

If you want a different branch, start with changing the branch in the PKGBUILD, it could very well be that simple. Don't run dodgy scripts as root.


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