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#1 2024-02-09 01:43:35

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Issue With Supergfxctl switching after moving from GNOME to KDE

Kernel: 6.6.13-1-lts
Plasma 5.27.10

Im having a rather curious issue since switching from GNOME to KDE.
Like in the Title, I am running an Optimus setup with an NVIDIA dGPU and intergrated AMDgpu/cpu.
Switching via supergfxctl used to work just fine in GNOME using the supergfxctl-gex package.

The symptom is as follows:

There are no issues when switching from Integrated to Hybrid graphics logging out and back in via GDM.
However, Hybrid to Integrated seems to load at first - a cursor shows up and  I can move it around - but everything is black...

I can see that the desktop functionality is working. I can see the cursor switching between desktops and if I load a program through a shortcut - I can see the icon rendering next to the cursor. Besides that - totally black.

after following this link: … DIA_driver
I followed section 4.2 to no avail

I assumed this was an issue with using GDM so i stopped the service, installed SDDM, and started that up. The issue persists.

I know I have the right drivers and all, ive been using this setup for about a year now.

Hope someone can help me figure out this annoying bug.


EDIT: I just checked again and actually noticed that I can still launch applications no the rendering just seems incomplete. it's only not rendering my literal desktop. but shortcuts seems to work just fine and launch programs as well

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Re: Issue With Supergfxctl switching after moving from GNOME to KDE

So I found a temporary fix - enabling my splash screen seems to have solved it...

It would be nice though to figure out why this is happening...Im guessing now it is something within KDE itself


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