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#1 2024-02-11 09:16:28

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VSCode+KDE+WAYLAND loses the title bar with full screen konsole

I have this weird situation I can reproduce almost 100% of the times.

1. Launch Konsole.
2. Launch vscode (aur/visual-studio-code-bin): it goes on top.
3. Maximize Konsole

vscode looses its window title bar and I can see the underlyin Konsole titlebar.
vscode is working as well as konsole.
If I bring Konsole to non-maximized size I can see vscode title bar again.

It only happens to vscode. Other gtk-based application like chromium don't loose the title bar.

My system:

VScode: 1.86.1-1
Kernel Version : 6.7.4.zen1-1
Plasma Version : 5.27.10-2
KDE Version : 23.08.4-1
Frameworks Version : 5.115.0-1
Qt5 Version : 5.15.12+kde+r10-1
Qt6 Version : 6.6.1-3
Wayland Version : 1.22.0-1
XOrg/Wayland Version : 23.2.4-2
Mesa Version : 1:23.3.5-1
LibVA Version : 2.20.0-1
VDPAU Version : 1.5-2

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Re: VSCode+KDE+WAYLAND loses the title bar with full screen konsole

Mod note: moving to AUR Issues

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