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PrimeNote: sticky note-taking app for W7+ and Linux. Now with Vim !

Introducing PrimeNote, a full-fledged sticky note-taking applications for Windows and Linux. Unleash your creativity and optimize your workflow with an intuitive interface packed with powerful features.

PrimeNote empowers you to:
- Capture ideas effortlessly in various formats, from plain text and rich text to images and even full-fledged Vim or terminal environments.
- Organize your notes impeccably with a folder-based structure for instant retrieval.
- Safeguard confidential information with robust Fernet encryption.
- Navigate your notes with lightning speed using the built-in keyboard-driven search tool.
- Craft a personalized workspace by tailoring the appearance, menus, hotkeys, and mouse events to your preferences.
- Transmit content seamlessly in real-time by sharing your note repository on a virtual machine.

Landing page (with screenshots)
Gitlab repository
AUR page

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