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#1 2024-02-16 08:53:04

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[Sway] Wiki entry may need revision

A user experienced this issue after having followed a fairly recent and "subjective" edit regarding screen sharing.

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Re: [Sway] Wiki entry may need revision

I'd be for a revert. It "might" have merit on a seatd system, but as standalone and randomly as this was added it's likely the author had some other misconfig already... What would be more fruitful is suggesting that one should run the dbus-environment activation logistics so the user session gets populated.

FWIW it'd be better to open such discussions directly on the relevant wiki talk page, that way actual wiki maintainers and page editors get notified.

FWIW2 I decided to go ahead and kill it.

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Re: [Sway] Wiki entry may need revision

Mod note: Closing, on request.

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