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Fightcade2 black screen while in window mode in FBNeo games

Fightcade2 opens FBNeo games without sound and with a black screen. I know that the cause of this is dependencies missing, because the sound I fixed by instaling lib32-libpulse, but I can't fix the game beeing in a black screen while window mode. If I try to open the game fullscreen it renders, but if I try to type in the chat the game go full black screen again, so I have to go out the full screen and go back for the game to renders again. I know the problem is in the "Select blitter" option on the "Video" tab, because If I select "SoftFX (Direct Draw 7)" instead of "DirectX9 alt (DirectX Graphics 9)" , the game works almost normaly in window mode (it will eventually start to freezes). So anyone know which dependecies is missing from the package? Also, I already try to install dxvk-bin and lib32-libdxvk, but did not worked.


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