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install to existing, pre-mounted partitions


I want to install archlinux (with archinstall script) beside an existing win10 on my /dev/sda drive, so the partitions:
sda1 existing EFI partition (size of 300 MB), win10 bootloader on it
sda2 win10 rescue partition
sda3 win10 C: drive
sda4 empty ext4 file system (~120 GB)

Before start archinstall, I mounted sda1 and sda4 to /mnt.
Commands after boot, from pendrive created of archlinux-2024.02.01-x86_64.iso:
mkdir /mnt/boot
mkdir /mnt/root

mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/boot
mount /dev/sda4 /mnt/root

During set data in the script install, I selected:
Disk configuration -> Pre mounted configuration
"Enter the directory of the mounted devices:" I typed "/mnt" and Enter
The command gone back to the main menu. What suprised me.

Can the installer figure out what I want?
Will the installer let untouched the windows bootloader on sda1?
(my win10 can boot after the installation of Arch linux?)

If I was wrong, how can I set the right way in archinstall?



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Re: install to existing, pre-mounted partitions

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