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Cannot boot Arch on dual boot

Hello, I've followed the dual boot guide of the Arch wiki to install Windows and Arch. First I installed Windows and creates a large enough Efi partition, and resized the C: partition to let space for tmy arch install. When I started the Arch installation, I followed the instructions given: used the Windows Wfi partition as the Arch one. After I completed the installation, I installed grub, generated the grub config and rebooted. But once I rebooted, my laptop automatically booted Windows. I followed the qork arounds given here, but I can't fixed it. The only options that appear on the firmware boot section is Windows boot manager. I already disabled fast start and secure boot. I didn't try the alternatives given by the wiki since I can't understand them completely and I don't want to mess things up. I'll upload some images of my efi partition to put you in context.

My boot partition structure


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