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BBCode for formatting wiki posts

Hi all,

I was wondering if there any plans to migrate the current BBCode tags to some sort of  Markdown?

If not, I was wondering what are the advantages of BBCode as it seems to deviate from the norm of larger platforms like Github or Gitlab? I also just personally just find Markdown nicer to write, but that's irrelevant.

Is it due to some limitation of the wiki/forum backend or is this the norm for forums and wikis like these and it integrates nicely with HTML?



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Re: BBCode for formatting wiki posts

BBCode predates Markdown by 20 years or so and the majority of more traditional forums started out with that.

Implementing this will not happen for this forum software as this would require some major patches. We are in the process of evaluating an alternative forum, but it isn't really high on the priority list, but chances that the new forum will have markdown support are quite high.

See also previous discussion:

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Re: BBCode for formatting wiki posts

I have a feeling OP considers the forum and Arch Wiki to be the same software. So, to clarify: these are two completely independent services running unrelated software. Each of them also has different goals and usage scenarios, which is reflected in the syntax.

BBCode is a relic from ancient times. It remains in use on fora not because somebody intentionally pushes for its use, but because “everybody knows some flavor of it” and many pieces of software adopted the commonly used practice.

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