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Rebuild your entire system using your compiler flags, "à la FreeBSD".

The ABS Wiki Page ( states one of the following reasons to be interested in ABS

[...]Rebuild your entire system using your compiler flags, "à la FreeBSD".[...]

As someone who knows FreeBSD well and uses Gentoo on a daily basis (its my job), i am interested in this feature.

But somehow this Wiki page fails to give any advice on how to actually do so.

In FreeBSD you can just clone everything and then have a collection of tools to manage these … orts-using

On Gentoo, its obviously portage, but what is the tool in Archlinux?

Is it pkgctl? I tried playing around with pkgctl and reading its man-pages, but it seems to be completely tailored towards Arch maintainers and not actually users. I haven't even managed to checkout the whole repo due to the lack of credentials.

So is pkgctl the correct tool to archive the above mentioned goal or am i looking in the wrong direction altogether?

I tried to use the search function of the forum but i only found outdated information that mentions tools that no longer exist and/or no longer work due to being unmaintained.

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