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Archinstall, manual disk configuration, bios mbr, dual boot

Hi. I would like to install Arch via archinstall. There is a problem with the disk layout. Because I have an old machine in the mbr legacy, and also next to Windows. All the YouTube videos I've seen don't match my situation. I've tried different ways, but so far nothing is working. I would appreciate it if you could help with the markup. I have Windows on sda1-2-3, I want to install Arch on sda4-5.
I've always made sda4 extended, if that's important. I have prepared the disk layout. File system I chose ext4.
What are the next steps? How do I set up mount points? … p=drivesdk … p=drivesdk

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Re: Archinstall, manual disk configuration, bios mbr, dual boot

Closing, by request. FWIW if you've SOLVED the issue on your own, It's usually good form to mention what you did and prepending [SOLVED] to the title or so … way_street


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