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Do I like Arch out off ignorance, or am I justified

On my local machines, I run Arch, quite happily, and with few problems.

I also have a VPS, hosting my email server (and has been doing so well for years) as well as a couple of less critical servers. That has been running Debian Stretch, but now that is at EOL pretty much, I figured I should update.

I'm now on my sixth attempt (luckily, the VPS retains 10 days of backups), and I'm not entirely sure, but I may have finally updated to Buster, and still have my email working. I don't recall any such problems with Arch.

Of course, Buster is out of date, so I still have to go through this a couple more times, though I'll have to wait until I have a working image of each of Stretch and Buster before I do. I always liked Debian for stable systems, so am I just being stupid, or is it genuinely more problematic doing version upgrades?

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Re: Do I like Arch out off ignorance, or am I justified

I've upgraded Debian between releases _many_ times. The family laptop is still running the same Debian system I installed back in 2015 and it's fully updated. Never had any problems at all with dist-upgrades.

Did you follow the extensive upgrade guides in the Release Notes? For example: … ng.en.html

And in respect of the question in the OP:

But I would use Debian for servers :-P


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