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#1 2024-04-06 19:26:47

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Gitlab SSO OTP not accepted and problematic shell line


Today, I successfully registered for Archlinux SSO. I used my phone to create the needed One-Time Password (OTP). The OTPs created by both OTPClient and Authenticator were not accepted.What is wrong here? OTPClient usually works reliably for me.

Furthermore, the signing asks to issue this command:

LC_ALL=C pacman -V|tail -n3|base32|head -1 ? *

Literally, with the question mark and the asterisk, there is no visual indication of where the command starts or ends. I copied all of them by accident roll
It should print gibberish without modifying the files in the current directory, but I consider this presentation dangerous. Can this command be put into a separate paragraph with a frame around it, as we do it everywhere in the wiki?

Thank you

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#2 2024-04-07 13:55:21

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Re: Gitlab SSO OTP not accepted and problematic shell line

Have you contacted accountsupport about either issue?


#3 2024-04-11 04:28:28

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Re: Gitlab SSO OTP not accepted and problematic shell line

Similar hassle for me. The request for the LC_ALL string took way longer than the authenticator number was valid. Even after I understood that the ?* were not part of the command. Apparently the mobile apps generate a different number every minute, and you need to wait for a fresh number to appear before trying to enter it in the login...


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