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[Solved] i3 after update create log file in /dev/shm

I noticed that after update i3 creates log file in /dev/shm/i3-log-(pid of i3) which first line contains:

CORE DUMPS: You are running a development version of i3, so coredumps were automatically enabled (ulimit -c unlimited).

Why? It didn't created that log earlier. File has about 25MB.

Looks like currently in Arch Linux there is development version of i3:
'man i3-dump-log'

If I delete that file, /dev/shm is still not freed and contains that 25MB - checked by df.
But if I try to zero it, whole i3 window manager with X server will crash with coredump and I return to text terminal.
Now I understand: that is not a bug, that is feature! (to immediately crash i3, if it is needed).

Does other window managers/desktop environments also have such feature?
If not directly in /dev/shm or /tmp, it probably have to be searched in /proc/pid_of_DE/WM.

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