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Random Freezes that lasts forever

I am experiencing Random Freezes on my laptop which last indefinitely until I power off my laptop and hard reset my system
Another notable point - Every time after such freeze the grub takes a long time to reach its introduction screen.

Logs of the exact time when the system experienced freeze- -

Forgive me if it's a user error, i am new to Arch mainly because of its wiki but I am not able to find a solution for this particular problem
And can someone point me to the resources that can help me understand the above-mentioned logs so that maybe i can fix it


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Re: Random Freezes that lasts forever

zswap is on note for some issues right now , try booting with the zswap.enabled=0 kernel parameter

That it takes long to reach GRUB will be firmware error checking/access UEFI timer due to hard reset.

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