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#1 2024-04-28 12:09:49

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Any python jocks suggest why this runs forever now?

I would like to update to work with python3.12.  I do not have python experience, but I can paste into chatgpt and made these modifications to fix tons of warnings but in doing so broke one of the other functions in the script, the "P" function.

Can someone suggest why running the script with this function now seems to run forever?

./texturecache P     
Pruning cached images from texture cache...                      

114515|e/e82a9fe7.jpg|0360|0480|0003|2024-02-06 00:07:03|                   |
129281|3/3b1db6b7.jpg|0404|0720|0001|2024-04-27 22:18:26|                   |

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Re: Any python jocks suggest why this runs forever now?

I've rewritten this post a dozen times trying to get it in an acceptable form - and I'm struggling.

Suffice it to say I do not believe you have started this thread well.  You are asking us to identify how chatGPT fucked up.  But that's missing the point: you made tons of changes that you apparently do not understand just because they were recommended by a moronic and error prone bot ... it's not the bot that fucked up.  And you haven't shared anything in your post about any testing or even basic diagnostics you've none.  The bare minimum of which would be to highlight what portion of the code is running at the time: don't make us scan through nearly 9000 lines of code to figure out what you probably already know.

Show that you've made some effort first if you want others to help.  And dumping garbage into a garbage-in-garbage-out chat system is not a form of effort.  Dumping garbage on these forums and expecting us to sort it out for you also isn't.  ChatGPT may not care how you form your question (it will crap out a response regardless), but we do.

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Re: Any python jocks suggest why this runs forever now? … stead-of-d

Searching your patch for "prune" and looking at … e94825L359 SchrottGaPuTt has just changed the actual behavior a bit, re.sub invocation is gone.
It might have done that elsewhere…


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