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inconsistent (font) file solutions

Hello! I saw that the ttf-special-elite package was no longer being maintained, so I tried to grab a new file to update the hash. However, it seems that each zip download for the font package is unique. I know for more volatile packages, advice on the AUR is to just leave a sticky with a note to update the hash yourself. However, the zip is unique per download, and I wasn't sure how to handle this. The original maintainer used fontsquirrel as an upstream URL, so I tried to look around to see if any other sites like Google Fonts would have a static zip instead. This itself isn't much of an issue, and I ended up just manually installing the package---

I was just curious how similar issues have been resolved by maintainers in the past since I do not usually dabble in modifying/creating AUR packages (when digital signatures aren't available). Thank you!

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Re: inconsistent (font) file solutions

Just "SKIP" the checksum?


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