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What to use hd tv avi to dvd...

I have an hd tv show in an avi format, I want to burn it to a dvd to play in a standard dvd player.

Whats the best all to do it?

I believe it will need to filter down the conent to dvd quality since hd is a higher res then dvd.


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Re: What to use hd tv avi to dvd...

You can try something like this from a terminal:

ffmpeg -i <your_movie>.avi -bufsize 1835k -b 6000k -minrate 6000k -maxrate 6000k -target ntsc-dvd -aspect 16:9 <output_file>.mpg

If you live somewhere with the NTSC standard, use that. If you're somewhere with PAL, change the '-target ntsc-dvd' to '-target pal-dvd'. Frame rate will probably be an issue here. Try this and I'll come back and help you sort out any issues.


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Re: What to use hd tv avi to dvd...

Tovid may be what you're looking for or Avidemux. Here's another link:

This link's a bit dated but it should still be helpful.


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