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packages: clang-format is missing in clang-16 package

Hello dear forum users,

By the will of fate I am forced to use clang-format version 16.

Unfortunately, after successful installation, the `clang-format` application is missing from the system. Also, the `clang*` utilities are not autocompleted in bash.

sudo pacman -Sy clang16

ls /usr/lib/llvm16/bin/clang*                                                                               

/usr/lib/llvm16/bin/clang        /usr/lib/llvm16/bin/clang-cpp               /usr/lib/llvm16/bin/clang-refactor
/usr/lib/llvm16/bin/clang++      /usr/lib/llvm16/bin/clang-extdef-mapping    /usr/lib/llvm16/bin/clang-repl
/usr/lib/llvm16/bin/clang-16     /usr/lib/llvm16/bin/clang-linker-wrapper    /usr/lib/llvm16/bin/clang-scan-deps
/usr/lib/llvm16/bin/clang-check  /usr/lib/llvm16/bin/clang-offload-bundler
/usr/lib/llvm16/bin/clang-cl     /usr/lib/llvm16/bin/clang-offload-packager
`clang-format` is missing in the list of files in package contents as well:

If I install the latest clang (v17), then everything is present there, and the autocompletion works fine.

Can you tell me what's wrong?

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Re: packages: clang-format is missing in clang-16 package

makslikesalo wrote:
sudo pacman -Sy clang16

Do not do this. It is a partial upgrade.

It appears that these features are deliberately omitted from the clang16 build: … ads#L42-44

I would hazard a guess that this is because including these would cause a conflict with the non-versioned 'clang' package, which does provide them.

You could try rebuilding the package with these components enabled (remove the 'continue' from the match), but if you run into conflicts, you will need to resolve those, possibly by passing additional flags to the build process (cmake_args), or by renaming files in the package() function.

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