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AUR Wiki Clarification Request

The AUR Wiki instructions for installing packages says to use pacman -U package_name.pkg.tar.zst after building with makepkg -si.

However, doesn't the -i flag in makepkg -si already handle the installation? Shouldn't the package be installed automatically after the build succeeds?

Am I misunderstanding something, or is this section of the Wiki correct?


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Re: AUR Wiki Clarification Request

Hello. The wiki article doesn’t require the use of option `-i` while invoking `makepkg`.

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Re: AUR Wiki Clarification Request

Which section?  Pacman -U is only listed twice, the first is after "makepkg" with no flags noted at all.  The only mention of the -i flag is here:

wiki wrote: makepkg as a normal user. Some helpful flags:
-i/--install installs the package if it is built successfully. This lets you skip the next step that is usually done manually.

The next step which it notes you can skip is `pacman -U ...`
Additionally, there is the note there:

wiki note wrote:

- [The above example is only a brief summary of the build process. It is highly recommended to read the makepkg and Arch build system articles for more details.

It seems pretty clear to me: you can optionally use the -i flag when running pacman and it quite explicitly states that if you do you do not need to run "the next step" of `pacman -U ...`.

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