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Wallpapers (silly edition)

When I first installed Linux around 2002/2003, I picked Slackware, because I like to make my life needlessly complicated.
Two decades later, I'm in an industry where MacOSX is forced upon me, but I started getting back into Linux and found Arch last year. I knew it was the "shove you in the deep end of the pool" distro I was looking for. I was right.
(It's also so light that it makes the old laptop I never got rid of into a useful machine for the first time since 2014. Also the AUR is dope).
Anyway here are some images you can use for your background, or install as the background on the computers of your enemies:

FreeBSD Meatwad, Tux Brutanilandilewski, Mooninites unaltered
not pictured: Frylock as MacOSX or Shake as Windows

Arch user experiencing schadenfreude at a BSOD
cuz f** em am i rite

Arch user has installation flashbacks to the Ia Drang valley
remembering the installation be like

Arch linux the official GNU/Linux distribution of St Louis Missouri
you should tweet this at their governor

be good y'all


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