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Hyper-V Enhanced Session section

First of if this is the wrong section for this iam sorry newbie :3

On the Arch Wiki in the Hyper-V Section under 6.4 is the point of how to setup Enhanced Sessions … ssion_mode

currently that part of the tutorial is broken because linux-vm-tools/arch depends down the line on xrdp 0.10.**80**
the currently available version (freshly build from their github is "just" 0.10.0-1

i reported that on the xrdp github but it seems to be correct as is
so i hope to find some help here to get enhanced sessions enabled
and maybe can raise some awareness that there is a borked section in the wiki


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Re: Hyper-V Enhanced Session section

Feel free to update the wiki or at least mark the relevant section with Template:Out of date or Template:Accuracy.


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