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Playlist liberation

I was looking for a way to view some of my friends' playlists locally. Wouldn't it be great if you can diff and version-control youtube playlists, compare them with each other, merge them, simply liberating them from being platform-locked by youtube?

This is a simple yt2m3u script I wrote for downloading playlists as plaintext:

yt-dlp \
	--convert-thumbnails jpg \
	--write-thumbnail -o "thumbnail:%(id)s.%(ext)s" \
	--no-download \
	--print-to-file "\
" out.m3u -a -

I'm sure fellow Archers who are more adept than me in writing shell scripts will find creative uses for this. For starters, I was thinking of a fzf that reads a m3u file and shows thumbnail previews along with metadata using ueberzug. And as for merging and 'diff'ing, the EXTM3U syntax seems similar to recfiles from GNU recutils, which might be useful.


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