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#1 2007-02-17 14:30:27

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nfs -> sharing from fileserver to desktop

going into new territory here so i figured i'd post it in the newb section.

built a server with 860gb worth of sata2 goodness in it, now want to share the mounted drives on that server as directories on the other computers... with samba it won't be a problem as i have done it before, but i am new to nfs.

is there any REALLY good and easyish to follow tut's online or is there someone that can help me through this? i'm having issues with what i have found./.. could just be the headache and early morning getting to me...

basically. have drives on fileserver. running arch. portmap, nfslock and nfsd are running. webmin installed for all the good stuff. ssh for all the dirty stuff

want to connect and mount the drives from that computer to directories on this computer so i don't have to connect everytime. (i'm guessing with fstab after all said and done) but i don't really know where to start.
any help greatly appreciated


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Re: nfs -> sharing from fileserver to desktop

its pretty simple. Add who you want to be able to access it in /etc/exports. Here's mine:


The biggest thing is with the dynamic port assignments on each start assigned by portmapper. run

rpcinfo -p localhost

and you'll see all the ports being used. They ALL need to be open. I'm not using nfs on arch now so I'm not sure weather the devs have made the ports static via various -p and -o switches. I would restart the daemon and see if anything changed. If it didn't you good to go. Now just add rules into your firewall for those ports under tcp AND udp connections. If lockd is changing ,that can be set in /etc/sysctl.conf. It'll be something like this:

# TCP Port for lock manager
fs.nfs.nlm_tcpport = 1961
# UDP Port for lock manager
fs.nfs.nlm_udpport = 1024

If the ports are changing you'll need to find a way to make them static. I don't see anywhere to set this in arch so I can't help you there but thats the general idea on how to set it up


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