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#1 2004-03-09 16:22:06

From: DK
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midnight commander wrapper problems


I'm a happy mc (midnight commander) user, but i have some problems...

First of all when i start it with 'mc'  it's in b/w. I can use 'mc -c' to force colors, but shouldn't it be able to figure this out?

Secondly, i can't get the mc-wrapper to work. (it's the script that makes sure you drops out in the directory mc was displaying when you quit.) It simply doesn't do what's it's supposed to do.

Any tips/ideas/suggestions are welcome!


#2 2004-03-09 16:48:18

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Re: midnight commander wrapper problems

On colours: what is your $TERM env set to?  If it's xterm, that's the one without colours.  Set it to xterm-color to get colour by default.

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