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#1 2007-03-27 18:04:58

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Xorg rotation, flipping, and mirroring

Is there a way to flip or rotate the screen in xorg with an nvidia video card without a performance hit?

Basically I have a monitor which is mounted with the bottom of the screen facing up towards the ceiling.  There is no way to rotate the monitor physically due to the circumstances in which it is mounted.  I want to either mirror the screen across the X-axis and then across the Y-axis or rotate the screen clockwise or counter-clockwise 180 degrees.  So I am hoping that I can take care of this problem in software.

I've read that RandR creates a software overlay to rotate which comes at a rather nasty performance hit.  I've heard that the xorg Option "Rotate" "CW" command also does this.  Is this true and if it is, can this be avoided?

Thanks in advance


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Re: Xorg rotation, flipping, and mirroring

can't you just try? xrandr --help
if nvidia has some other ways to do it and/or issues you can probably find it really fast in their excellent documentation (/usr/share/doc/nvidia/README)

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