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#1 2004-03-12 02:22:24

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Stuck at base install

I followed the install recommendation and selected only the base packages in my initial install.

Mounted cdrom1 at /mnt/cd2.  ls lists the series of packages at /mnt/cd2/arch/pkg.

Inserted in pacman.conf under [current] the line

executed 'pacman -Sy'
synchronization of current apparently worked, then the program listed a bunch of connection failures and the message:

failed to synchronize
error:  could not open sync database:  extra
           have you used --refresh yet?

So, executed 'pacman --refresh'.
This produced no error messages, but 'pacman -Sy' yields the same results. 
I tried earlier inserting the 'file:///mnt/* line following [extra], but that didn't change anything.

Appreciate help

Bill Barnes


#2 2004-03-12 02:36:37

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Re: Stuck at base install

getting the /mnt/cd part is the hardest, so you got that.

To add packages from the CD, go to that dir and type: pacman -A packagename

I could not get a sync using the Cd, but as soon as I got setup and online, no problems.

Also pacman -A will add the pkg but does not add deps automagically so you have to add those also.


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