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Savage Video drivers broke, no 3d acceleration-How to Fix

If you are currently using a laptop with the Savage/Super Savage chipsets you do not have 3d hardware acceleration and have not for about the last six months.  This is a known problem and I found the following URLs and bug reports about it: … 29967.html

This is affecting multiple distros and multiple types of laptops that use the Savage video chipset.  The webpage below explains how to fix the problem and return 3d acceleration to your Savage chipset.  It is a very easy fix and takes less than 5 minutes from compile time to installation depending on the speed of your computer. … g=37;att=0

If any Arch developers are reading this please add the fix to Arch.  This problem causes all graphics to be slow, 2d and 3d, and the new modules fixes it.

Thank you!


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