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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread

Hello ! Sanglier here, french psychiatrist from Pau in the southwest of France
I have used Fedora as my main distro for 15 years and decided to switch to Arch last year because... why not, I want to learn more about linux and I'm curious !
My actual config is a ThinkPad x230


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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread


I'm  Mrout Yasuo Sluijter-Borms from Amsterdam NL.

I just got myself an ASUS FX505DU with  Ryzen7-3750h / Vega 10 + GTX 1660Ti

At Hacker Hotel 2020 I met a mr Kiljan who advised me to look at Arch Linux.

My surprise was that Arch ran after 30mins of following a 'how to install'

The only thing no one mentioned was the need for NetworkManager to make my network run after reboot.

And more surprising: installing Gnome without makes my laptop run out of the box with live pluggable
HDMI/Nvidia for second monitor!!

I started off with Slackware in the mid 90's, switched to Debian, SuSE, Debian again and then Ubuntu.
Since the Amazon button appeared in Ubuntu I have been looking for a replacement.

Arch will be it.

Although I will continue to use ubuntu for my les experienced customers/users desktops.

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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread


I'm mate377, I started using linux (ubuntu) 3 years ago and 1 year ago I switched to arch cool.

Even after 1 year is not all set-up yet... roll, but configuring my laptop and reach a decent environment has been a great satisfaction!

I like this distro and I'm sure I'll like the community too! (You like the newbies, don't you?) lol


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