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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread

Hello everyone, I have recently installed Arch Linux and have a lot to learn.
I hope I can help in the future!
Happy holidays!!!


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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread

Hello. I hope you are having a great day as well

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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread

Hello everyone! What a lovely place to start learning.

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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread

Hello!  I've been an Arch user for a couple of years now, and I decided I wanted to take a look at the user community, and to hopefully learn more and contribute.  In another life I'm a Windows admin, but Linux has been my go to for my home for a while now, in addition to my escape from the licensing madness.  After professionally working with ESXi and Hyper-V I've been learning about KVM and implementing it in my home network (I particularly enjoy the architecture options!).  I'm fairly comfortable as a day to day user, though I've not really done anything at scale.  Hope to get to know you all!


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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread

Just want to introduce myself and say hello!

My name is Peter and live in Sweden.

who am I  then, well A nice guy i think i was born in 78 who fell in love with computers and everything that has to do with computers in 1988.
Over the years it has been Linux of course, Mac and across 28+ years with Ms windows (started with Ms Dos).

In recent (last 4 years Ubuntu to Arch way) time it has become more and more Linux until today I run Arch Vanilla.

Then the big Elephant in the room is Why i chose Linux and did not continue with Windows or Mac.

Mac under Steve Jobs was good both Mac Os and the hardware was satisfactory.
But recently, after Steve Jobs' death, Mac OS became a playhouse with a lot colur's and bugs and pointless functions for the sake of functions and not to facilitate users,
and the quality of the Mac's dropped like a stone to the bottom of the sea, while prices skyrocketed.
Conclusion that Apple has lost its soul and the charm that Steve Jobs characterized Apple and Mac during his time, is now gone forever.

Microsoft then o'boy don't get me started.....
Windows was more or less a must-have until the 2000s, because there wasn't really any real alternative for "common people" and for nerd's there was option....but few.....
Started with games like everyone else there by Windows. Windows was basically the only option on PC if you didn't run a console like Nintendo.... O'Boy now the memories come back Super Mario .... hmm think i need to play it now.

More recently, there was certification of Windows and Windows networks and first jobs within it.
Programming quickly followed… Windows was perfectly fine until Windows 7! Everything after Win 7 was nothing but... spying collecting data and locking down Win Os so it's basically evil and unusable.
After getting tired of eternal bugs, virus, worms, trojan and updates that crash systems and bloatware with advertising (Windows Home and Pro) started the process of finding some better alternative to windows. And Mac was no longer a selectable option... Linux come in to my live.

I have certainly already been in contact with Linux in 98-99-01-02, but it was not an option for gaming at that time.
But I kept a watchful eye on Linux and followed on an hobby level what was going on in the Linux community.
Eventually my patience ran out and I started to Hate Microsoft Windows to the point where I started looking seriously for an alternative in 2018/19 due to of eternal bugs, virus, worms, trojan and updates that crash systems and bloatware with advertising.
I stopped playing except for World of Warship (since Beta time, soon 6 years) so Ubuntu was the first step then Mint and Manjaro, Fedora etc until I ended up here on Arch.

So Arch is wonderful in that it doesn't install a lot of crap and unnecessary parts that I don't need, but I have vanilla from Arch,
and Couldn't be more pleased and flattered I found Arch. It took time before I gave in to Arch and finally I took the plunge and now I'm stuck after I learned how to search for errors and solve these errors in Arch

and the felling of not having the Windows eternal bugs, virus, worms, trojan and updates that crash systems and bloatware with advertising to worry about, Arch is  actually both easy and fun with Aur and Archwiki.

Today's use of my Arch is photo (darktable and Gimp) has gone from adobe lightroom and Photoshop, and Video with KdenLive and Davinci Resolve. Of course, all the usual boring things like the office and Web surfing are also included.

I think there is lot more to say, but i think i stop here and my rumbling for now.
If any Question please feel free to ask.

One Question Why must Arch be so Sweet ans asome

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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread

Hi guys, I have been oscillating between Arch and Ubuntu over the years, going back mostly because of my OCD about font rendering, I still can't get it the way Ubuntu does after all this time haha.

Do you think Rust will gain adoption in tools like yay and arch system?


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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread

hello everyone, greetings from greece

using Arch since 2018 and i decided to join your great community! i want to say thanks to everybody who is contributing here and help the newcomers to enjoy ArchLinux!


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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread

Hello everyone, I just registered here. Using Arch for a couple months now, and I love it!


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