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#1 2007-05-26 18:34:01

From: Québec, Canada
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[Asus F3F] Generals questions before installing

Hello everyone!

3 months ago, I bought an Asus laptop to work.
I did not have much time to configure it and I installed Opensuse 10.2.
Everything worked fine but It was heavy and slow.

Now I have time to set up a pretty archlinux on it and I need help.

Some information before the questions:

Asus F3F
Core Duo 1,66
1 go DDR2
Intel Int. GMA 950
15.4in. WXGA TFT active matrix (1280x800)
Built-in Intel High Definition Audio compliant audio chip
Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG

I use it for programming ( kdevelop C++, monodevelop C#, some SQL ) and to read manga ( GQview and this is fine).

My questions:

1- I never configure Wifi, I know which pkg to install but howto to configure it?
With Opensuse, I used knetworkmanager and it was pretty cool. I need to use wifi when I'm at school and RJ45 when I'm home.

2- I want ot save power so I need to change CPU frequency. ( kpowersave ?)

3- I want to switch between my notepad and an usb mouse.

Bonus: I want to use my special key( FN + ... )

I don't care about SD cards, bluetooth and the webcam.

I'm not a newbie to Archlinux ( used it since 2 years ) so if you want to save explanation and give me an howto, this is fine. smile

Thank you for your help big_smile

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#2 2007-05-28 02:45:53

From: Québec, Canada
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Re: [Asus F3F] Generals questions before installing

Hello guy!

I've installed arch sucessfully wink

I try powersave with kpowersave and it seem to work pretty well.
I also installed knetworkmanager to manage my connection and I will test it later.

Could you help me?
It seem my Asus F3F is not support by acpi4asus. How can I help them?
I also try lapsus. The applet appears but I dont know how to configure or how to use it...:P

Any advice for the special key?

Thank for your helps.



#3 2007-06-15 23:37:19

From: Poland / Waterloo, ON, Canada
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Re: [Asus F3F] Generals questions before installing

Try asus-laptop module (which is the new one, with automatic feature detection instead of static list of supported models),
instead of acpi_asus (whcih is olod and won't get any new laptops supported).
Just add MOD_BLACKLIST=(asus_acpi) to /etc/rc.conf and "asus-laptop" to MODULES=( ... ) - asus-laptop is a part of Arch's default kernel. Lapsus will work only with the new module, asus-laptop. Also, it can use only those features, that are supported by the driver used. So if asus-laptop doesn't see some of them, lapsus will see them neither.
(on the other hand, not all of the features supported by asus-laptop are used by lapsus wink )


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