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suspend-to-ram one user more with problem

This is the only thing which does not work for me in Arch. Distro is really fantastic, so if someone could help, it would be great.

laptop hp dv5000t (intel core duo t2500)
installed powersave and optionally kpowersave-devel (this does not need powersave)
both fail on resume from suspend-to-ram (worked with windows, don't have windows anymore)
On wake up system picks up for a second (I see disk activity) and then dies.

other (related) problems:
1) editing /etc/powersave/sleep and adding custom modules prevent user from putting system to sleep (user belongs to power group). In this scenario even sudo does not work. Only root can suspend system to RAM.
additionally this prevents:
- creating log file (suspend2ram.log) when issuing "echo -n mem > /sys/power/state"
- "powersave -u" does not work for user or root
2) removing everything from
works for user (so user can put box into S3 mode issuing either of the above commands or using kpowersave gui) but system will not wake up.
This really is not helpful as script reads (which is obvious) default settings from
I don't have 90% of the modules listed so adding custom modules to
would be nice but it does not work. Modules I have (NIC, i2c_X, and so on) are not listed there. The only common module is: uhci_hcd

so should I modify
and add modules specific to my system?

3) the fact that log file is generated only when
is empty or with default prism54
makes it (in my situation) useless as I have no idea if the problem with wake up is related to the misbehaving module or not.

Thank you for any suggestions

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